Pre-screening Questions

As a Graphic Designer what has been your biggest achievement at work? How did you accomplish this? 
During my 12 years as a Graphic Designer I have produced an enormous amount of work across many industries. Although I am incredibly proud of many recent projects I have worked on, including; an extensive rebrand across the National Rugby League (NRL), illustrating the entire 2016 Rio Olympics Swim team for Swimming Australia and designing a billboard during NFL Superbowl week which made international headlines, my biggest achievement is of much more importance.

In 2018 I was commissioned by the Mindset Project to design a school workbook. The purpose of this workbook was to help students explore their current mindset, the way they make choices, and how it affects them and those around them. By examining some of the underlying signs and causes of negative mindsets, the Mindset Project workbook was required to give students the tools and strategies they needed to help make an impact on how they approach their own mindset and subsequent life choices.

After receiving the initial brief, I was tasked with transforming an extensive and complex document into an engaging and age-appropriate workbook that would keep the students interested and ultimately improve their mindset and resilience.

With my wife being a teacher, I combined her passion and knowledge with my design skills and expertise to produce a compact 24-page workbook in Adobe InDesign with a simplified layout that included illustrations and ultimately transformed the content and activities into an engaging exercise rather than another text-heavy workbook.

The Mindset Project workbook has now been implemented across 50 schools in the last three years and reached over 10,000 students who report improvements to their wellbeing.

Although this particular project was not my strongest from a design perspective, it certainly is an achievement I am most proud of because of the positive impact it has had on others.

Describe one of the best recommendations you have ever made to managers, peers, or customers.
When I started at the NRL in 2016 all of the creative was outsourced to multiple agencies and, as a result, there was an array of logos and assets being used incorrectly by internal and external stakeholders, which ultimately effected the brand.

Every week our stakeholders use logos from all our clubs along with colour palettes and brand elements to build their designs and unfortunately, with a varying level of expertise amongst designers, there was too much room for error. With this in mind I wanted to create a shared resource that allowed me to easily update files where all stakeholders, particularly those in the design and communication departments, could be confident that what they were using was on-brand and up to date.

I ran a conference and hosted all designers from the 16 clubs, broadcast partners and other key stakeholders. I surveyed the room and the key issue was lack of communication around brand updates, changes to logos and other assets across the sport. I approached my manager with the idea of utilising Adobe Creative Cloud libraries to house the entire NRL, major events and all 16 club’s design assets. This particular feature allows the user to simply drag and drop assets onto their artboard whilst inside the design program without the need to search through brand guidelines, folders or download individual files online. I then downloaded, carefully organised and grouped over 1,800 assets into appropriate libraries.

Should a new logo or update to an existing asset be required, as an admin, I now simply add it and this automatically syncs amongst our accounts and eliminates the chance for error whilst ensuring consistency. As a result, not only did this recommendation benefit myself, our team and the brand, more importantly our stakeholders reported a significant increase in their productivity.